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:: We offer a very attractively priced, feature rich solution designed for the small to medium business market that provides:

- Quicker and more reliable backup

- Off-site copy of your program and data

- A 3 to 5 day recovery time for business


" Over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients"

continuity / disaster recovery

- Full management


As part of this solution, we install an appliance, referred to as network attached storage (a NAS device). Your programs and data are all copied to this device (the base image).

Once the copying task is completed and the device is put into production, changes on your primary server are copied to the NAS device multiple times per day. If a problem occurs, (for example an application's data gets corrupted, or a user accidentally deletes something), we can go back to a copy earlier in the day to restore that application or file. This is referred to as disk-to-disk back-ups with multiple intraday snapshots.

Off-site back-ups are performed every day to a highly redundant and secure off-site data center, and then replicated again to a secondary facility. Yes, this solution will eliminate the need for daily back-up tapes and taking those tapes off-site!

The NAS device has the additional functionality of being able to act as a virtual stand-by server. This means that if your server had a problem that rendered it inoperable, we could quickly enable the same functionality on the NAS device (with the users unaware of the change, except for the brief time it takes to enable the virtual server on the appliance). From a business continuity perspective, this feature/service is referred to as high availability.


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