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:: VR Networks understands that in today’s fast paced IT environment, the volume, velocity and value of the data you manage accelerates at an ever increasing rate. This means more cost, complexity and risk for your business. More cost stems from managing the sheer volume of data. More overhead,


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more bodies are needed to help make sure your data is always up and running. In fact, 1 TB of storage can add $1 million to budget.

More complexity:  The influx of mobile and personal devices and web 2.0 content, has created a surge in unstructured data. Pushing your storage resources to the limit. The ever-increasing rate of data, coupled with complexity, means 70%  of your IT resources are allocated toward the management of legacy systems—just “keeping the lights on.”

More risk: Today, your customers want around-the-clock access to their information, anywhere. It can be a challenge to make sure that the right storage solution is in place to simply and cost-effectively keep your data available for those who need it. Surprisingly, according to Gartner, only 5% of IT budgets are devoted to building out disaster recovery plans.

In addition, traditional storage solutions were designed in a more predictable time. And that decades-old architecture often fails today when it comes to delivering the agility and efficiency necessary to shift spend toward innovation. For this reason, VR Networks has placed focus on partnerships with top tier IT technology providers such as Dell, HP to bring you progressive storage solutions.


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