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:: VR Networks rovides its customers with complete voice and data communication services to meet their modern day communication needs in telephony, instant messaging, networking, emailing, conferencing, video calling, unified communications, etc. We coordinate with telephone and Internet providers on customer’s behalf to help them get the best in business phone systems, paging systems, sound and music systems for their day-to-day communication requirements. We install, design and service all types of business telephone systems.



"Complete Solutions for modern day communication"


VR Networks has been committed to providing its people ample opportunities for professional growth. VR Networks has had much success developing its employees by offering them rigorous training and continuing education programs on cutting edge computerized systems, telephone systems, paging and sound systems. We are a leader in telecommunication industry and ensure the best solutions for every communication need. The phone systems we offer and service enable businesses to improve their operational efficiency, customer service and reduce costs by integrating various communications.

VR Networks offers solutions to meet your all sorts of communication needs. We design, install and service all types of business telephone, paging, sound and music systems. We ensure that you get the best value for the products or services we provide. Our experienced and certified technicians and engineers are adept at installing and servicing the communication systems from the following brands:

  • VALCOM, etc…


Installation & Training

Once you have selected a paging or telephone system, we will provide you with trained installers who will do the installation and programming for the optimal use of our telecommunication solution. All our staff is a properly trained and certified to ensure simple, safe and affordable installation services. We also educate our customers to efficiently handle their phone or paging systems. We understand the fact that our they can’t take in all the training when the new telephone system is first installed, so we return to your premises within one month for further training. We are a specialist in telephony system installation and training. Get in touch with us for installation and training on business phone systems.


Contsct us for more information or call us at 212 395 9681



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