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Our students are our main concern and can remain so because we have VR Networks helping us look after our internet needs. I appreciate having someone that could both set up our systems and still be available to help whenever an issue comes up.


- Rita Tishuk






   Recovering from a flood disaster like this one is not an easy task by any means let alone recovering from in such short time and we, at Tamares, really appreciate what VR Networks have done to help us recover quickly and we commend them for their expertise and dedication.                                                                                                                                    


- Ivy Greenberg





   After years of doing most of the work manually, it feels great to see how much money and time we are saving. VR Networks efficiently engineered our first WAN environment that helped our business move to the next step forward. Best of all, the cost was a lot below our initial thinking and cost was always our fear factor when it came to network upgrade.       


- Douglas Dupas

Project Manager, Tristar





   Providing Network cabling all throughout the building floors meant connectivity for our office, tenants and the vendors. VR Networks’ expertise and commitment made all the difference in completing the project on time and on budget.                                                             


- Michael Prefi




VR Networks Honored as One of the Top IT Service Providers


VR Networks Honored as a Veeam Propartner





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